Scam Alerts on

Scam Alerts on

Today I want to tell you about a web site I ran across recently. state that they are a consumer news and advocacy site. They have lots of interesting information and sections, but I am primarily refering to their section about computer related scams today. If you go to their home page:
and click on the Scams tab or go to their Scam Alerts page, you will see many links to pages describing individual scams.

While I have not checked out each page, the ones I did check did have good information. I have listed a couple of links below with their titles for them.

Seven Ways To Spot A Scam Email – There are always telltale signs

Top 10 Scams of 2010 – Our annual list of deceptive schemes designed to part you from your money

A couple of last thoughts on this web site. This site has several
sections in addition to the Scam Alerts, including consumer news, recalls and consumer comments. Their about has more information and tabs. There are advertisements on many of these pages which may appear to be part of the content but are not. All of the pages that I looked at had the ads under “Ads by Google”.

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