Windows 10 – Experiment Part 2

While I was testing my current software on the laptop from the previous post, we purchased a refurbished HP laptop with Windows 7 Home. I first had it check for updates for Windows 7. After supposedly checking for updates over night and still not completing, I shut it down believing that it had gotten stuck in a loop.
The next evening, I had it start the ugrade process. Again after supposedly downloading over night and not finishing, I shut it down.
After a Google search of downloading Windows 10, I ran across a Microsoft page: I decided to try it and created a USB drive with the Windows 10 install files. This page will also allow you to create a DVD install disk as well as a USB drive one. If you decided to to this, make sure select the appropriate 32 bit or 64 bit version. This page on, has more information.
Using the same Microsoft page, I started the upgrade on the new laptop and this time it upgraded with no problems. At this point, I have not decided what this laptop will be used for, so this is where it at now.

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Mike Walker is the owner of M D Computer Works.
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