Windows 10 – Experiment Part 3

While working on the previous, I purchased an additional refurbished HP computer with Windows 7. I upgraded this computer to Windows 10 Home. This is to be my wife’s “new” computer. After making sure that it could find our two existing network printers as well as the other computers on the network, I installed Office 365 and started moving files and programs to the newly upgraded computer.
The upgrade to Office 365 for my wife will be interesting – for upgrading to Windows 10, we got a free one month trail of Office 365. If she likes it, I may move our other computers to it as well. Having all computers on the same version of Office will be helpful I put an Office alternative on the new laptop. After using OpenOffice on my other computers, I am trying WPS Office on the new laptop. If I like it, I may not continue to use OpenOffice. We will see…
So far, both my wife and I don’t have any major complaints with Windows 10.

About Mike

Mike Walker is the owner of M D Computer Works.
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