Windows 10 – Experiment Part 4

Since my last post, we have had issues using Office 365 and decided to dump it. The biggest complaint is the excessively large “ribbon” which takes up too much room and makes no sense. (neither of us needs all of the options available at the same time – the old pull-down menus work just fine.) Other than my wife using Outlook for email, we both use Excel more than any other part of Office. As she had previously used Office 2003, we installed that and have had only one issue – Outlook 2003 on Windows 10 does not work well with IMAP email. We went back to using POP/SMTP and everything seems fine.
(In all fairness, I must state that I am no fan of any word processor since Windows was introduced, I much prefer something that does not edit my text or layout for me – spreadsheets do an excellent job without as much hassle) )
All devices having Windows 7 or above except a tablet (on Windows 8.1) have been upgraded to Windows 10. Two problems. First, it seems very easy to overwhelm the operating system and thus have to wait while it catches up. While I noticed previous Windows versions doing this, Windows 10 seems to be more likely to have it happen. Second – a much bigger problem – searching. In Windows 7, when you started typing in the search field, Windows started looking for anything matching. Windows 10 always wants to search the web. I must admit that I have turned off Cortana as I can see no purpose for it – especially as it won’t work without “location” being turned on. As most of our computers are desktops and therefore don’t move, there is no value for this. I would like to find something else to use for searching the files – something that actually works.

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