Windows 10 – Experiment 6 – Complete

Finally (possibly) I tried to upgrade my HP Stream 8 the tablet from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 but it failed twice. After some research, the problem might be my antivirus program. It just finished downloading the upgrade and now I need to put it in airplane mode and uninstall my antivirus program. The upgrade should start the next time I turn it on.

Before turning my tablet on I did some additional research. I discovered that it might not be a good idea to upgrade the tablet to Windows 10. (It did not upgrade automatically anyway) HP’s website recommends not using the MocroSD card memory for the upgrade backup as Windows 10 probably will not be able to use it. To me, this sounds like a good idea to leave it on Windows 8.1 as the installed “memory” (taking the place of the hard drive) isn’t big enough.

As it is after the end of July and the free upgrade to Windows 10 is over, it really doesn’t matter. So I currently have two laptops, and two desktops (as well as my dad’s) on Windows 10. I still have one active desktop on Windows XP as well as one on Linux Mint – in addition to the tablet mentioned above. I may convert my XP system to Linux Mint, possibly installing XP as a virtual machine. But that is to be decided later.

My conclusion – I still like Windows XP better than any of the versions that followed it. My limited experience with Vista and Windows 8 leads me to believe that both are better off gone. My tablet has Windows 8.1, which despite Microsoft’s claim, still does not have a start menu. Windows 10 is a good start but it still has some distance to go before it is as good and user friendly as Windows XP. Especially Cortana – which still doesn’t seem to search the local drives very well since I killed off “location” information. Near as I can tell, location based information is just an advertising ploy anyway.

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